Elder Law

Weaver, Bennett & Bland experienced Elder Law attorneys provide the quality legal representation that is required for your specific situation. We are dedicated to helping families by providing the advocacy, planning, partnerships with other professionals necessary to create comprehensive strategies to ensure successful handling of elder issues.

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What is Elder Law?

Many elders are independent. However, as the general population ages, often older clients and/or the “sandwich generation” who are children of older clients need legal guidance. Elder law focuses on the unique needs of an elder and/or the elder’s family.

A person may be suffering from a just discovered disability (physical, intellectual/cognitive, or mental health), may be experiencing significantly deteriorating physical and mental health, or are in legal and financial planning mode to account for potential disabilities down the road. Some disabilities may make it more difficult for an elderly client to understand legal concepts and for them to direct their attorney, resulting in the client’s family being more involved.

Our objective in Elder Law is to use a holistic approach to address a broad range of legal issues including, but not limited to:

Your Elder Law Attorney & Advocate: