Practice Areas

Business Law

Whether you’re starting a new business, buying or selling a business, or updating your existing company’s contracts, Weaver, Bennett & Bland can help.  For new business owners, we take care of everything—choosing and forming the right business entity, setting up proper licensing and bank accounts, and making sure you have all the proper paperwork to protect your personal assets.  For existing business owners, we handle a wide variety of legal needs, including drafting employment and non-compete agreements, handling succession planning and ownership disputes, and advising on franchise opportunities.

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Civil Litigation

Weaver, Bennett & Bland is passionate about fighting for our clients’ rights in court.  Many law firms have lost the will and ability to try a client’s case to conclusion—not our tenacious lawyers.  We pursue litigation with both professionalism and conviction, with an eye towards trial from the moment a client hires us.  If a client desires settlement, our attorneys make sure any agreement is properly drafted and enforceable.  Our trial attorneys regularly appear before state and federal courts, administrative boards, government agencies throughout North Carolina.

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Divorce, Family Law, and Adoption

An experienced family law attorney is essential to managing your life transition while preserving and protecting your rights and what’s precious to you. At Weaver, Bennett & Bland, our tenacious lawyers are your advocates. They make it a point to understand your family’s situation and concerns, and use their extensive experience to help you identify all available options and engage in informed decision-making in the best interests of you and your family. 

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Estate Planning & Estate Administration 

From drafting wills and estate plans to assisting with estate administration after a loved one passes away, the skilled lawyers at Weaver, Bennett & Bland are here to help.  In estate planning, our attorneys will help you construct a carefully designed estate plan that makes a powerful statement to your loved ones during your lifetime and after.  If you are a beneficiary of an estate, surviving spouse, executor, collector, beneficiary, disinherited individual or creditor, Weaver, Bennett & Bland offers clear and understandable advice for often complex estate administration matters. 

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Elder Law

Many elders are independent. However, as the general population ages, older clients—and many times their children—need legal guidance. Elder law focuses on the unique needs of an elder and their family. Weaver, Bennett & Bland takes a holistic approach to achieving our client’s often diverse goals. 

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Special Needs Planning

Weaver, Bennett & Bland provides advocacy, quality legal representation, and unique strategies to ensure successful planning for those with disabilities and special needs.  The goal of our smart team of lawyers is to improve the quality of life and maintain public benefit eligibility for individuals with special needs, including physical disabilities, intellectual & cognitive disabilities, and mental health disabilities.

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