Grace R. Waldon and Environmental Water Solutions. INC., a North Carolina Corporation, Plaintiffs v. Danny L. Burris, Jesse James Waldon JR. and Environmental Water Solutions, INC., an Oklahoma Corporation, Defendants, Union County, 01-CVS-1455; 172 N.C. App 594, 616 S.E.2d 693 (2005)

This case was tried by Attorney Dave Bland in Union County, North Carolina in September of 2003. The case arose out of a conspiracy between the client’s ex-husband and a former officer of the client’s company. The two individual Defendants planned and attempted to misappropriate the client’s majority ownership interest in a business that had obtained a lucrative contract to perform services for the federal government. The Union County jury, after a seven day trial, returned a record verdict in favor of the firm’s client. The jury verdict and judgment was upheld in two separate appeals to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Waldon v. Burris