Breach of Contract of America v. Larry Davidson et al. 3:06 cv-00507 (2006)

This case was brought by attorney Dave Bland in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina on behalf of of America, Inc. against one of its former franchisees for breach of contract, trademark infringement, and unfair trade practices. The case was settled and a judgment was entered by the Court which (1)prohibited the Defendants from using the ValuePest trademark, (2) ordered the Defendants to turn over a complete customer list to Plaintiff, (3) ordered Defendants to refrain from utilizing or making any offer similar to a program offered by ValuePest for a period of one year, (4) ordered Defendants to transfer all telephone numbers to ValuePest, and (5) finally ordered the Defendants to refrain from soliciting the business of any ValuePest customer for a period of two years.