Facilitation of Fraud

Grace Waldon and Environmental Water Solutions, Inc. a North Carolina corporation v. Danny Burris, Water Resources Corp., DynPar LLC, Computer Sciences Corporation and DynCorp, 3:04-CV-00050 (October 2008).

This case was tried by Attorney Dave Bland to a jury verdict in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina in October of 2008. The suit arose from an alleged conspiracy between the Defendant DynPar, LLC and a former employee of the Plaintiffs. The conspiracy sought to defraud the Plaintiffs out of the proceeds of a contract to operate the industrial waste water treatment plant on the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The jury found in its verdict that the Defendant DynPar, LLC had conspired with the Defendant Dan Burris to facilitate a fraud being perpetrated on the Plaintiffs. The District Court entered a combined judgment against DynPar, LLC for $2,914,279.09. The Defendant DynPar, LLC is a limited liability company that was set up as a joint venture of its two managing members Parsons Corporation and DynCorp Technical Services, LLC (a wholly owned entity of Computer Sciences Corporation).

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Amended Judgement

Order Denying DynPar’s Post-Trial Motions

Waldon Order Denying Summary Judgement