Amended Judgment

United States District Court
For The Western District of North Carolina Charlotte Division

Grace R. Waldon and Environmental Water Solutions, Inc.,


Plaintiff(s), JUDGMENT IN A CIVIL CASE vs. 3:04-CV-50
Danny L. Burris, et al.,


DECISION BY COURT. This action having come before the Court by Jury Trial and a decision having been rendered; (1) Plaintiffs claims against Defendants Carol Burris, DynCorp, and Computer Sciences Corporation are dismissed; and (2) that Grace Waldon have and recover of the Defendant DynPar LLC the sum of $350,931.5055 and that EWSI-NC have and recover of Defendant DynPar LLC the sum of $2,563,347.5984
IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Judgment is hereby entered in accordance with the 10/15/2008 Jury Verdict and Court’s 10/21/2008 Order.

Signed: October 22, 2008