Premises Liability

Injuries caused by someone else’s carelessness happen every day—whether it’s an overlooked puddle of water in the grocery store, an electrical cord lying in a hallway that causes you to trip and fall, or an explosion at a marina caused by a failure to follow the State Building Code.  Whether it is a gross violation of a State Statute or a small oversight, the result can result can be a serious injury or even death.  The lawyers at Weaver Bennett and Bland have experience fighting for our clients in a broad spectrum of cases involving premise liability.

Business property owners have the legal duty to make sure that their businesses are safe and free from dangerous hazards that can cause injury to visitors. If you were injured due to a business failing to make their premises safe for its customers, let Weaver Bennett & Bland’s experienced attorneys fight for your rights. Our personal injury attorneys handle premises liability claims in and around Charlotte North Carolina and its surrounding counties. Call our law firm today for a free consultation.