Liability in Motor Vehicle Accidents

In many motor vehicle accidents, the liability for the accident or the party responsible for the accident is easy to determine.   Most rear-end collisions and most accidents involving drunk drivers are usually pretty clear cut, but not always.  For example, North Carolina has an archaic rule of law called “contributory negligence.”  The doctrine of contributory negligence says that if you, through your own negligence, contribute in any way to causing your own injury then you are denied any recovery even though the other driver is 99.99 percent at fault.

On the other hand, there are other rules of law, such as the doctrine of “Last Clear Chance”  which says that even though a Plaintiff is contributory negligent, if the Defendant knows that the Plaintiff is in a position of peril, but negligently fails to avoid the accident which he could have avoided with reasonable or ordinary care, then the Plaintiff may still recover regardless of his own contributory negligence.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Obviously, the law has many unusual twists and turns, which depending on how they are interpreted, can make a huge difference in how your case or how your life ultimately turns out.   Nothing can replace experience when negotiating with insurance companies or when fighting with defense lawyers in court over your right to recover for your injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.  A person who is claiming injuries from a motor vehicle accident needs a steady and experienced attorney when negotiating with the insurance industry.

Weaver, Bennett & Bland has the experience and knowledge necessary to see that you get treated fairly and get what you’re entitled to receive.  Don’t allow an insurance company to deny or to try to shift liability off of their insured party at your expense.   Remember that insurance companies primarily make money in two ways: (1) they collect premiums, and (2) they deny claims for liability.  Protect yourself by having a lawyer from Weaver, Bennett & Bland look after your needs.  If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, call our law firm at (704) 844-1400.  An initial 1 hour personal injury consultation is free.