Legal Malpractice

The legal profession has a duty to the public to police its own ranks. The Charlotte lawyers at Weaver Bennett & Bland, P.A. have for more than 30 years taken this solemn responsibility very seriously.  Whether it is a powerful national law firm that has violated its responsibilities to its client and has engaged in self-dealing, or whether the attorney is a small town lawyer who has violated his obligations to his client by allowing a statute of limitations to expire.   Weaver Bennett & Bland has advocated and fought for clients who trusted an attorney but who failed to comply with the obligations and duties required of the legal profession.

Legal Malpractice Law Firm in Charlotte

If a member of the legal profession has injured you by failing to fulfill his or her obligations required under the law and by the Rule of Professional Conduct, then we are prepared to help.   Call our Charlotte civil litigation and personal injury law firm at (704) 844-1400 to schedule a free initial consultation.