Personal Injury Case Verdicts

Weaver, Bennett & Bland, P.A. – Case Results*


Estate of Coppick v. Hobbs Marina Props. LLC, 772 S.E. 2d 1, N.C. App. LEXIS 278 (N.C. Ct. App. 2015).

This case handled by the firm in 2014 was the largest jury verdict ever awarded in Lincoln County. The case arose from the tragic death of a nineteen-year-old man who was killed when the houseboat he was refueling at a Lake Norman Marina exploded and killed him. The evidence presented during a two-week trial established that the fuel dispensing equipment installed by the Defendant Petroleum Equipment & Service, Inc. violated the North Carolina State Building Code. The record One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollar verdict and judgment was appealed by the Defendant to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and was affirmed by the Court.

Linda Naddeo, Administratrix for the Estate of Patricia Ann Teel v. Allstate Insurance Company, 139 N.C. App. 311, 533 S.E.2d 501 (2000)

Estate of Teel by Naddeo v. Darby, 129 N.C. App. 604, 500 S.E.2d 759 (1998)

This case arose out of a tragic death of a young girl who was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver and resulted in two appeals to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Attorney Dave Bland represented the Estate of Teel, and Allstate Insurance Company initially refused to defend on behalf of its insured and allowed Attorney Bland to obtain a default judgment against Allstate’s insured. When the Estate obtained a default judgment, Allstate filed suit against the Estate of Patricia Teel seeking a declaratory judgment that it did not have coverage and further sought to raise defenses under its policy with its insured. Attorney Dave Bland utilized the default judgment and collateral estoppel to block Allstate’s efforts to raise its policy defenses it should have raised in the original lawsuit. The Estate of Patricia Teel received $250,000.00.

Linda H. Griffin, Administrator of the Estate of Alvin Dean Griffin, Deceased v. F.T. Williams Company, Inc. and Erwin Ray Lasecki, Union County, 93-CVS-7872 (1995)

This case tried by attorney Dave Bland was a wrongful death action brought for the tragic death of a young man killed in a truck accident who left a wife and three young children. This case was tried to a jury in Mecklenburg County Superior Court. This case was settled while the jury was out deliberating. The case was resolved by a structured settlement which provided a minimum guaranteed payout of several million dollars and a continuous stream of income for the young man’s surviving family.


Todd Creswell v. R.D. Abernathy; Rowan County, 05-CVS-1555, February 2007

This case arose from an automobile accident in Rowan County. The Plaintiff injured his hand in the accident and was unable to do his work installing bank vaults for six months because of numbness and lack of feeling in his right hand. The Defendant’s insurance company Allstate Insurance offered $ 3,500.00 before trial. Attorney Dave Bland tried the case to a Rowan County jury and obtained a $59,000.00 verdict for Mr. Creswell.


Nena Mabe, GAL for Kamdon Evans v. Stillwell, et al, 04-CVS-1053, Gaston County (2007)

This case arose from a head injury to a two-year-old child. Kamdon was two years old and riding in a kiddie car at a local carnival when he stood up in the ride, fell out, and was run over by several other cars. Kamdon’s injuries were difficult to isolate and identify. Kamdon’s behavior changed, his verbal skills decreased, and he became easily agitated.

Once the family sought the firm’s help, Attorney Dave Bland was able to see that young Kamdon got the doctors and therapists he needed to isolate his deficits and to get him the help that will insure he has the chance to lead a normal and productive life. Instead of the meager $3,500.00 settlement that was offered by the insurance company initially, the firm brought a suit and negotiated a structured settlement prior to trial that guarantees Kamdon at least three million dollars over the course of his lifetime as he needs it.


In the past few years, Weaver, Bennett & Bland, P.A., has handled a number of medical malpractice and legal malpractice cases which involved extremely complex and difficult issues. Most of these cases were settled prior to trial and are now governed by confidentiality agreements which prevent the disclosure of the settlements or the identity of the parties.

Suffice it to say, that this firm has a record of taking on the largest and most powerful law firms and lawyers when our clients’ needs demand it. The legal profession has a duty to the public to police its own ranks. Weaver, Bennett & Bland P.A. has and will continue to carry out its obligation to our profession and to the public.

The firm has successfully brought meritorious claims against both hospitals and physicians when our clients have been injured by medical negligence. We have and will continue to utilize the top medical professionals in evaluating our clients’ cases to both assist our clients in evaluating their cases and to prevent the filing of unwarranted claims.

*The outcomes described above were based on the particular facts of each case. The outcome in any case is dependent upon the specific facts and circumstances of that case. The above information is provided for informational purposes and should not be viewed as a guarantee that we can obtain the same or similar results for you.