Automobile Accidents

There are countless types of motor vehicle accidents which can arise from any number of different scenarios that can change your life in an instant.   Whether the accident is caused by someone running a red light, by someone texting and taking his eyes off the road, or by a drunk driver, the effects of an accident can turn your life upside down.   At Weaver, Bennett & Bland, we have been representing clients in accident cases for decades.  In wrongful death cases, traumatic brain injury cases, spinal cord injury cases, and cases involving just about every kind of terrible injury imaginable, for 35 years we’ve been helping clients when they need us most.

Personal Injury Attorneys

The lawyers at Weaver, Bennett & Bland can help you decide what future costs, disabilities, pain, suffering, wage loss and other considerations need to be evaluated before a settlement is reached. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, call our Charlotte area law firm at (704) 844-1400.  An initial 1 hour personal injury consultation is free.

What should you do if you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident?

  1. Be sure you stop your vehicle and that you’re in a safe location.   Don’t leave the scene of an accident or you could face criminal prosecution.
  2. Be sure to call the police to document what actually took place at the accident scene, even if you do not think that anyone has been seriously injured.
  3. Check to see that all drivers and passengers are safe and see that anyone who needs medical attention receives it.   However, do not move an unconscious or seriously injured person at the accident scene before medical help arrives, unless someone is in danger of immediate serious injury from fire, drowning, or other immediate danger unless they are moved.
  4. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident.
  5. Do not apologize or accept responsibility or blame for anything to anyone concerning the accident.
  6. If you have a camera and are able to take pictures of the vehicles or the accident scene without risk of injury or harm to yourself or others then do so.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words.
  7. Please be careful.  Don’t talk to anyone other than the police who are investigating the accident.  Do NOT talk to anyone who calls you from an insurance company until you have spoken with a lawyer who can advise you on your legal rights.   Often times, insurance adjustors representing the other parties in an accident will call to try to get you to acknowledge that you were possibly or partially to blame for the accident.  North Carolina is one of the few States that recognizes the doctrine of “contributory negligence” regarding liability in motor vehicle accidents.   If you admit that you were at fault to any degree, you may have prevented yourself from any recovery even though the other party was more than 99% at fault in the accident.
  8. Do NOT put anything about your accident or about your injuries on social media.
  9. Do NOT ever accept any insurance company’s settlement offer until you are absolutely sure that all of your injuries have been treated and you have been fully compensated for any future needs that you may have that may have resulted from the accident.