Durable General Power of Attorney

If you are incapacitated or incompetent, who can handle your financial affairs (e.g., pay your bills, manage your stocks, bonds, assets, ensure that your medical bills are paid and that your family is cared for, etc.)?  There is a common misconception that by the virtue of marriage your spouse will be able to handle your financial affairs; that is incorrect.

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What is a Durable General Power of Attorney?

A durable general power of attorney is an inexpensive solution to avoid guardianship and to enable you to appoint a trusted individual or individuals to handle your financial affairs. This document is very important in that it extends beyond your incapacity or incompetence, which can last for years.

Absent a durable general power of attorney, upon your disability or incapacity, your family will have to go through a guardianship proceeding.  This proceeding is time-consuming and expensive, and the individual whom the court appoints as your guardian of the estate may not even be one of your loved ones or maybe someone you least want or desire to be appointed as your guardian of the estate. The attorneys at Weaver, Bennett & Bland, P.A., can help you prepare a durable general power of attorney.