Civil Litigation Testimonials

My company was hired to complete a custom home build. Halfway through the project the owner stopped paying and owed us a pretty large sum of money. After filing a lien on the property I hired Matthew to “perfect” the lien and attempt to get the money owed. Not only did he get the money that was owed to me, he also got all the money back we had to spend on attorney’s fees etc. Matt was very honest, upfront, and responsive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend him.


Bo discussed the options I had at every step of the way with ease – going into the hearing, after speaking with the defendant’s attorney, and after the hearing. In short, I would hire Bo again in a heartbeat. He knows what he’s talking about, he’s an excellent litigator, and he really worked in my best interest the whole time.


Bo’s follow-up and insistence to meet with my team face-to-face let us know he is an attorney that will work for us. Our first impressions were correct and we were rewarded with a relationship with a person who is an extension of our organization. Anyone looking for a thorough, prepared, and professional attorney, Bo Caudill is your man.


Matthew represents myself and about 180 other families in a large consumer fraud case. Matthew has put a lot of work and effort into our collective cases, and I’m impressed by his integrity and tenacity. […] I want to thank him so much for pressing on. Also I want to thank the members of his firm for upholding their promise. Honesty and courage is hard to find in these times.


We are very happy with the service and hard work of Matthew Villmer and the staff of Weaver Bennett & Bland. If you need an attorney backed by a hardworking staff and firm that will fight for you, contact Matthew Villmer!

Michelle G.

David Bland is a man of great character and one whose impressive professional abilities were only surpassed by his honesty, compassion and courage.