The experienced appellate attorneys at Weaver, Bennett & Bland have over 35 years of experience handling complex appeals before the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court.  Oftentimes, an attorney has handled a case through trial, and he or she believes various issues may have arisen which require an appeal.  Our skilled team of appellate lawyers provide a frank and effective outside perspective, giving our clients advice on whether grounds for an appeal exist.

Not only will our attorneys determine whether your case presents an opportunity for appeal, we will handle all the technical aspects of the appellate process, including filing the notice of appeal, preparing the record on appeal, and drafting all necessary legal briefs in support of your appeal.  In addition, our team is well-versed in the art of oral argument.

A majority of appellate attorneys are solo practitioners.  At Weaver, Bennett & Bland, you can draw from a team of attorneys and support staff who have nothing more than appellate success as their number one priority.  If you or your client is involved in a legal matter where an appeal may be appropriate, call Weaver, Bennett & Bland today at (704) 844-1400 to schedule a free consultation.